Recovery from anxiety & PTSD through yoga and marma therapy    

Recovery from anxiety & PTSD through yoga and marma therapy    


Lucia's Light offers alternative body based approaches for the treatment of PTSD and Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD). 

The Lucia's Light approach to treating PTSD and anxiety is a combination of specially adapted, therapeutic yoga techniques and a type of acupressure massage known as marma therapy. It is an entirely body based approach to trauma, PTSD and Generalised Anxiety Disororder (GAD) that promotes the relaxation response in the body in safe and sustainable way. The treatment is revolutionary in that severe imbalances in the nervous system (typical of prolonged anxious states, panic disorder and in PTSD) are addressed alongside hormonal dissaray.  
Peace in mind & body... 

PTSD, GAD and traumatic experiences can destabilise both mental AND physical health 

Health in a person's mind and body suffers as a result of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and anxiety, both of which can destabilise the nervous system, derail a calm mind, make everyday life appear threatening or debilitating and interfere with our relationships. 
While the psychological effects of trauma, bullying, abuse, ongoing stress etc. are well recognised and often the focus of traditional counselling approaches, the body is often neglected. However, the physical symptoms and sensations that accompany PTSD and anxiety are often as debilitating as the psychological effects and if left unaddressed, may delay healing and cause further damage to mental health.  
These can include: 
Panic attacks 
Digestive issues 
Chronic fatigue 
Fybromyalgia / Chronic pain 
Both PTSD and Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) affect cortisol levels and upset the nervous system , which can impair a person's resilience to even every day stresses and upsets. 
The good news is, Lucia’s Light has been set up to address the physical and mental stresses and ailments that GAD and PTSD sufferers struggle with through specialised yoga practices, which are simple to learn (no previous experience of yoga necessary at all) and an acupressure massage technique known as marma therapy. 
These specialised practices work primarily on the nervous system first and foremost and aside from the marma therapy, which is delivered by the therapist, are designed to be practiced by the client at home or even outside of the home in modified ways where possible. 
While counselling and CBT for anxiety and PTSD may be necessary (and certainly your GP or mental health team should be assisting you), Lucia's Light can provide wellness and recovery from the physical imbalances and ailments that often prevent complete recovery. Unfortunately, in the West, working with the body is too often neglected or undervalued when dealing with PTSD, GAD and even panic attacks and extreme stress. However, increasingly, recent research shows that some forms of massage, adapted yoga practices and even working with facial expression and body posture can alter the physiology of trauma and stress. 
Lucia's Light, based in Colchester, Essex can aid recovery from truama, PTSD, GAD as well as panic attacks and some stress/truama induced phobias. Why not get in contact for more information or request an appointment? 

The Process... 

Louise offers an initial consultation and tailored treatment for those seeking respite from the symptoms of trauma or anxiety 

The treatment is suitable both for those who have a diagnosis of GAD or PTSD as well as for those who are suffering from stress and anxiety but have no diagnosis. 
Treatment programmes are tailor made to the individual allowing for a recovery plan that avoids a one size fits all approach. A session is likely to last a maximum of two hours and costs £50. Usually a minimum of six sessions is necessary in order for the treatment to be implemented effectively and for the client to be able to use the yoga techniques at home safely and appropriately. However, in severe cases, the treatment may be ongoing for some time. 

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