Yoga, mindfulness and massage therapy for stress, PTSD and anxiety disorders    

Help with stress, anxiety & PTSD through integrated body based approaches    


Struggling with stress, panic attacks, anxiety or PTSD? 

Lucia's Light offers a holistic mind/body approach to treating stress, trauma, anxiety and PTSD. Treatment programmes include massage and yoga therapy, relaxation & mindfulness practices and Ayurvedic lifestyle approaches. The impact of stress, trauma and severe anxiety can be greatly reduced by these combined treatments which are delivered by experienced yoga teacher & mind/body therapist Louise Fortunato.  
How Yoga and body based techniques can help.... 

Stress, anxiety, PTSD and traumatic experiences affect both mind and body.... 

For many people, the physical effects of severe stress, anxiety, trauma and PTSD are as distressing and difficult to manage as the mental and emotional effects of these conditions. These can range from sleep distubances, digestive disorders, pain and inflammation as well as the sheer physical discomfort of fight & flight / high anxiety states. Some treatment approaches can neglect the fact that the body is in as much distress as the mind at times and that one certainly affects the other. While counselling and other talking therapies are so often transforming and necessary, working directly with the body in addition could lead to a greater level of recovery. Indeed, leading neuroscientists and psychologists now recognise that calming practices such as restorative yoga, mindfulness, relaxation and some massage/touch therapies can calm down both the body as well as the mind on multiple levels. At Lucia's Light, a skilful blend of these approaches is tailor made to suit your specific needs. 
Therapeutic approaches for stress, anxiety and PTSD/Trauma at Lucia's Light may include:  
◆ Trauma sensitive Yoga Therapy (adapted yoga poses, breathwork, meditation, relaxation, sound therapy)  
◆ Thai and Indian (Ayurvedic) massage therapy  
◆ Ayurvedic nutritional and holistic approaches  
◆ Mindfulness based approaches  
Lucia's Light, based in Colchester, Essex can assist with your physical and mental recovery. Call or email for more information or to request an appointment.  

The Process... 

Louise Fortunato offers an initial consultation and 1:1 tailored treatment for those seeking respite from the symptoms of stress, anxiety, PTSD/trauma 

Treatment programmes are tailor made to the individual allowing for a recovery plan that avoids a one size fits all approach. A session is likely to last approximately 1.5 hours. Usually a minimum of six sessions is necessary in order for the treatment to be implemented effectively and for the client to be able to practice at home safely and appropriately. However, in some cases, longer-term support can also be offered. 
For more information on 1:1 therapy click here. 

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