Louise Fortunato 

Louise Fortunato (aka Prema Jyoti) is a British Wheel of Yoga trained yoga teacher and Integrated Yoga Therapist & mindfulness teacher. She has taught mainstream yoga and individual yoga therapy for many years and is trained also in marma therapy which she uses primarily in conjunction with her private practice for PTSD and anxiety. 

Having trained extensively as a yoga therapist for different health issues, her interest in trauma and experience in treating those with PTSD and anxiety stems from both refined understanding of classical yoga and neuroscientific research around yoga & mindfulness practices in relation to the effects on the nervous system and changes to brain regions. 
As an Ayurvedic practitioner, as part of her extensive yoga therapy training, Louise is not only qualified to offer marma massage and other treatments, but able to advise on nutritional and lifestyle habits that also form an important role in recovery.  
Alongside the therapeutic applications of yoga, marma etc, Louise (who also goes by the name of Prema Jyoti), teaches classical hatha yoga classes, mindfulness programmes and runs the British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course (level 1) in the North Essex region. Click here for more information. 
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