What Is PTSD? 
Post traumatic stress disorder is a fear based condition that is often associated with a single traumatic event or a series of events which cause ongoing stress, fear and isolation. People who suffer from PTSD experience continuous hormonal disarray that destabilises the body's nervous system, leading often to increased mental suffering as well as impairing physical health. 
What is GAD? 
Generalised Anxiety Disorder is a condition that is often caused by stress, social anxiety or bullying either in the workplace, perhaps in school or even in the home. Stress hormone production is affected in GAD states but not continuously disrupted as is the case with PTSD. 
Nevertheless, the effects of stress hormone overproduction can lead to depression, fatigue and lowered immune function (both in GAD states and with PTSD) and if left unresolved, GAD will eventually develop into PTSD. 
Read on... 
If you have received a diagnosis for either PTSD or Generalised Anxiety Disorder or you are struggling alone with traumatic experiences, stress and anxiety without a formal diagnosis, it may be that the unique combination of marma therapy and yoga therapy here at Lucia's Light could help you.  
It may be that you have tried counselling, CBT and other forms of talking therapy and may be on prescribed medication for either anxiety or depression and still find that sleep is disrupted and feelings of anxiousness, despair, fear, anger and guilt prevail. Whilst counselling and talking therapies can be of enormous benefit for many, the physical imbalances linked to the nervous system leading to either fight or flight or dissociation aren't always addressed in these processes. This is because for some, simply trying to talk through emotions or experiences may re-trigger the body's defense systems, possibly leading to re-traumatisation or depression. Body based approaches such as those used at Lucia's Light are unique in that hormonal surges are contained and sometimes reversed using marma massage, body posture and even facial expressions. Deep relaxation and creative visualisation may also be used as part of the yoga therapy to help shift subliminal associations as well as enabling the body's natural relaxation responses to engage.  
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