Bespoke Therapeutic Thai and Ayurvedic Massage for holistic health and wellbeing 

Therapeutic Thai Yoga Massage  
Thai Yoga Massage (TYM) traces its origins back over two thousand years and is akin to a form of therapeutic massage based physiotherapy. Using a variety of yoga-like stretches to limbs and acupressure type manipulation & massage, TYM can be both invigorating and deeply releasing. The stretches can improve muscle tone, mobility and posture as well as help release toxins from the body. Acupressure massage is also incorporated into the treatment which can address sluggishness in organs and bodily systems, assisting with sleep, digestion, circulation and stress reduction.  
A typical appointment lasts 105 minutes and cost £75. The massage is usually floor based (using a padded futon style mat) and the client remains fully clothed. Therapeutic Thai Yoga Massage is suitable for those seeking respite from fatigue, long covid, central nervous system disorders, stress, anxiety and depression. It can also be useful for assisting with circulatory problems and some mobility conditions.  
For an appointment, please use the contact form below stating your age, gender and health reason for your enquiry. Please note that I am not able to offer TYM to pregnant women currently.  
Ayurveda & Ayurvedic Massage 
Ayurveda is an ancient Indian holistic health system stemming from the time of the Rig Veda (circa 1500 BC). Encompassing diet, use of medicinal herbs and spices, yoga, massage therapy and meditation, Ayurvedic approaches to health are still used across India and have become more widespread in other parts of the world. Yoga, meditation, Ayurvedic teas and supplements for example are quite commonplace here in the UK but some of the more specialised forms of massage and detox treatments are lesser known.  
At Lucia's Light, bespoke, authentic Ayurvedic massage treatments, skin care products and nutritional and lifestyle advice can form part of your yoga therapy programme or can be offered as stand alone treatments or programmes purely for general health, relaxation and indulgence!  
Ayurvedic massage treatments typically involve warm oil applications and can also incorporate skin scrubs and steamed herbal compresses. As with Thai Yoga Massage, there are also some elements of applied stretching and mobilising of limbs for detoxing and circulatory purposes and importantly the incorporation of acupressure massage known as marma chikitsa. However, these massage treatments are carried out on a massage couch or seated on a chair.  
Ayurveda considers the whole person as an individual, with an individual constitution 
Treatments and advice are tailored to your constitutional type (known as your dosha) and your health needs. A medical questionnaire and initial consultation is required prior to your first treatment.  
Full body marma massage with warm aromatic oils & gentle limb stretches  
(Back of body only - £55) 
Upper back, shoulders, neck & head massage 
Clothed (no oil) - £30 
Bare shoulders with warm oil - £40 
Ayurvedic or Thai head massage - £30 
Luxury Ayurvedic Foot & Lower leg massage 
With herbal scrub / warm oil - £30 
Fusion Ayurvedic / Thai acupressure foot massage for detox, energy giving or help with insomnia - £30 
Marma (acupoint) facial treatment for relaxation, stress reduction, insomnia, headaches - £30 
Ayurvedic facial treatment & massage for general wellbeing, skin nourishment - £35 
Bespoke Ayurvedic Full body treatments incorporating marma massage with detoxing body scrubs or warm herbal compresses - ideal for athletes, those with dietary related issues or wishing to lose weight / detox after over indulgence. Inquire for prices, range of treatment. 
Sacred Shirodhara Oil Treatment 
For calming the mind and easing stressed and anxious states 
75 minute treatment - £75 
The Venue 
For 1:1 Treatment.... 
The Studio is in a private countryside garden in the Stour Valley (Boxted, Essex). It has underfloor heating, is fully equipped with mood lighting, massage couches, padded Thai Yoga futons and yoga equipment. 
The Studio address is 5, Brook Cottages, Wet Lane, Boxted, Colchester, C04 5TW 
Please note, it is not suitable for those with mobility impairment – however an alternative venue can be organised for those with a physical disability. 

To arrange an appointment 

call or email Louise using the contact details below.  
Quick Contact  
Please feel free to our online contact form and Louise will be in contact as soon as she can. 
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