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The Yoga Therapy involves learning selected and highly adapted yoga practices that are very simple to access. No previous experience of yoga is needed and nor do clients require a particular level of fitness or flexibility to practice them safely. The poses are modified to suit and support the individual. 
For severe stress, anxiety & PTSD :- The simple yoga poses and techniques that are taught are both grounding and relaxing. They are soothing to the nervous system as they enable tense muscles that are implicated in either fight and flight or shut down (aka the freeze state) to relax, thus calming down fight/flight/freeze mechanisms at least temporarily. The poses are usually performed sitting or lying on the ground if possible (although modifications for disabilities can be offered) and are taught in such a way to encourage clients to also practice them safey at home. Clients also learn facial expressions and postural technigues that can quickly help calm emotions and reactions to stressful stimuli, as well as help stave off panic attacks, assist with sleep irregularities and counteract waves of anxiety and hypervigilence.  
Also included within yoga therapy are breathing and relaxation techniques, as well as the use of targeted sound therapy (where advantageous and appropriate). Clients may also request advice on Ayurvedic approaches to diet and lifestyle to provide a truly holistic approach to self care and self regulation. 
Mindfulness & Self awareness are implicitly taught / encouraged within the framework of the Lucia's Light approach in a sensitive and integrated manner to assist with emotional and behavioural regulation & grounding. Do note however that the inclusion of mindfulness or more accurately self awareness within the Lucia's Light Yoga Therapy programme does not usually involve classical mindfulness based meditation practices per se, as these are not always useful or appropriate as starting points for the treatment of GAD & PTSD.  
Marma Therapy is an Ayurvedic form of massage that is a little like Chinese Acupuncture without the needles. Marma points are acupressure points along the body that correlate to either lymph node sites or junctions between nerve pathways or veins & arteries. Specific marma points in the legs, head, face and arms are gently palpated to ease muscle tension, calm the nervous system and relax the body. 
Often during a marma treatment, fight and flight mechanisms are switched off sufficiently to allow any hormonal disregulation to ease, promoting a calmer, more relaxed state in mind and body. In many cases, the marma treatment also enables clients to process or express emotions and memories pertaining to their particular situations, calmly and effectively. 
In the treatment phase of marma, the client is fully clothed, may be covered with blankets and is given the option of using either the massage couch, or if comfortable, can lie on the floor on yoga mats (at times). Marma therapy may be offered initially on its own in the beginning stages of treatment and laterly incorporated alongside the yoga therapy. 
Face to face appointments during current COVID 19 pandemic. 
Inline with government directives, 1:1 treatment will resume from 12th April. The wearing of appropriate PPE and additional hygeine measures are in place to ensure the comfort and safety of your visit. Please note that close bodywork / marma massage is usually part of the treatment plan where appropriate but can be ommitted and replaced by other aspects of treatment allowing for 1m + distancing if preferred at this time.  
The Venue 
For 1:1 Treatment.... 
The therapy room is in a private countryside garden in a yurt facility. While basic, the yurt is peaceful and warm with underfloor heating and all necessary equipment. Additional measures are now in place to allow for extra ventilation and air purification.  
Please note, it is not suitable for those with mobility impairment – however home visits can be organised for those with physical disability. 

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