Is the mind always our friend? 
The mind is the ultimate time traveller - recollecting the past, imagining the future - sometimes for better, sometimes for worse.  
Mindfulness anchors us in the now. 
The mind is filled with endless thoughts, hopes, regrets, fears, desires.......... some valid, many fleeting, some seldom useful 
Mindfulness teaches us stillness, thoughts are merely thoughts. 
The mind often governs in negative ways...... fear & negativity cloud judgement, destroy sleep, affect mood...... the body reacts in unexpected ways....... our behaviour alters - not always for the better; we beat ourselves up & the mind spirals further. 
Mindfulness teaches us peace and breaks the cycle. 
Mindfulness meditation  
The Venue 
For 1:1 Treatment.... 
The therapy room is in a private countryside garden in a yurt facility. While basic, the yurt is peaceful and warm with underfloor heating and all necessary equipment. Additional measures are now in place to allow for extra ventilation and air purification.  
Please note, it is not suitable for those with mobility impairment – however home visits can be organised for those with physical disability. 

To arrange an appointment 

call or email Louise using the contact details below.  
Quick Contact  
Please feel free to our online contact form and Louise will be in contact as soon as she can. 
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